Finding Music in Sculpture

I've been wanting to do a video about the artwork of my friend John Leon for a long time. We met in 1985 at a Greek festival in Atlanta. He was a sculptor from Cincinnati driving around to festivals with his wife, Sarah. My wife and I were at the festival soaking up Greek culture because we were planning to quit our jobs at a graphic design shop, sell everything and move to Greece. It turns out that the place we had picked out to live from our "Lonely Planet" guidebook, the Greek "Gilbraltar" of Monemvasia, was only a few hours by car from the village of John's family, where they intended to visit around the same time. Flash forward about nine months and several postcards later. An all-night wine drinking session outside our spartan little house in a village down the road from Monemvasia. Then a few days of driving around in their rental car. We've been friends ever since.