On Metaphors, Politics, and Common Good

How valuable is a liberal arts program that takes place in Georgia prisons?

The following story gives you some idea of what can happen when we give people the confidence to open up and express themselves.

State Senator Nan Orrock and Quang, who was recently released after serving 17 years in prison, share the story of their chance meeting at an Atlanta tire store late one evening in fall 2014. Their conversation took a surprising turn when Quang mentioned the use of metaphors and his reading of Milton's "Paradise Lost." 

While Quang worked hard to learn a trade in prison, he also benefited from liberal arts courses that gave him new tools to express himself.

Common Good Atlanta is a college-in-prison program that offers liberal arts courses at a men’s prison outside Atlanta. Nearly 100 men have completed a full program in the liberal arts since 2008.

Sen. Orrock's legislative expertise encompasses health policy, women’s issues, civil rights and civil liberties, workforce issues, and the environment.

She's working hard to help guys who are working hard to improve their lives.

9-1-16 UPDATE: The Georgia Department of Corrections is featuring the video on their website at http://www.dcor.state.ga.us/content/state-senator-nan-orrock-and-quang