"Accidental Stone Mason" Earns Award of Excellence at Film Festival

A few years ago a friend was talking about her brother, an oncologist and researcher in Knoxville, who was unearthing small boulders on his property that resembled Henry Moore statues. He had also spent the last 45 years building walls and pathways across his nearly 20-acre property. As someone who appreciates pushing big rocks around on my less than one-acre in-town plot, I wanted to see for myself. A few visits later, with the help of my son, Henry, and photographer Joe Boris, and of course the “accidental stone mason” Alan Solomon, we produced a short film to commemorate his work. Happily, months later, the University of Tennessee - Knoxville came along to make sure the work will be preserved and the property used as a resource for students. We also owe thanks to the Southern Shorts Film Festival for screening the film at its January 2019 festival and recognizing it with an award of excellence.